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Unit: Equipment Base:
No. 1 Squadron FT-5 Mianwali
No. 2 Squadron F-7P Masroor
No. 5 Squadron Mirage IIIEP and RP Rafiqui
No. 6 Squadron C-130 Chaklala
No. 7 Squadron Mirage VPA Masroor
No. 8 Squadron Mirage VPA3 and VPA2 Masroor
No. 9 Squadron F-16 A Sargodha
No.11 Squadron F-16 A and B Sargodha
No.12 Squadron Boeing 707, Falcon, Fokker F-27 Chaklala
No.14 Squadron F-7P Kamra
No.15 Squadron F-7P Kamra
No.16 Squadron A-5C Peshawar
No.17 Squadron F-6, F-7P, FT- 6 Samungli
No.18 Squadron F-7P Rafiqui
No.19 Squadron F-7P Mianwali
No.20 Squadron F-7P Rafiqui
No.22 Squadron Mirage VPA, DPA, IIIDP Masroor
No.23 Squadron F-6 Samungli
No.24 Squadron Falcon 20 F/G Sargodha
No.25 Squadron F-7 and FT-7 Mianwali
No.26 Squadron A-5C Peshawar
No.41 Squadron Cessna 172, Aero Commander, Beach Travel Chaklala
No.81 Squadron Alouette III Peshawar
No.82 Squadron Alouette III Sargodha
No.83 Squadron Alouette III Rafiqui
No.84 Squadron Alouette III Masroor
No.85 Squadron Alouette III Samungli
No.86 Squadron Alouette III Mianwali
Combat Commander School: F-7 Sargodha
Combat Commander School: Mirage VPA Sargodha